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The curriculum

Teacher training curriculum 

Our LPP teacher training curriculum, developed from our experience in schools, is provided for experienced trainers who can use it to support school staff. It is divided into six 3-hour modules, which correspond to the topics described in the manual. It covers the basics of LPP, as well as practicalities regarding facilitation of LPP sessions and implementation of a LPP programme in the school.

If the circumstances allow, the training can be organised as a week-long course, but the modular structure allows for different timing, such as weekly or monthly sessions. Each module description contains information regarding what kind of previous knowledge is required to be able to follow the module.

The curriculum package is made up of:

  • An introduction

  • Training guidelines applicable to all the modules

  • A module plan for each module which describes an outline plan with timing

  • Trainer’s notes for each module which suggests activities, exercises and reference points

  • The LPP Manual

  • The LPP Toolbox.


The modules are:

  • M1         Loose parts play – key points and shared understanding

  • M2         The value of loose parts play in schools

  • M3         Facilitating loose parts play

  • M4         Practical guidance to get started

  • M5         Plans, policies and procedures

  • M6         How are we doing – ongoing evaluation and reflection


While some of this knowledge is already available in the UK, there will be ideas and information that is new in the Visegrad countries participating in this project. Its transferability is also high for other countries. The course was piloted at a Training of Trainers Event, and applied in 'multiplier' workshops in all four project countries.

Click here to download English Version of the Curriculum
Click here to download Slovak Version of the Curriculum
Click here to download Polish Version of the Curriculum
Click here to download Hungarian Version of the Curriculum
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